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1 Sexual morals

2 Less government, more personal freedom

3 What you are, and why death isn't much but should be welcomed anyway.

4 Tongkat ali for date rape

5 Review of yohimbe products

6 Committing suicide

7 Useful idiots

8 Know your enemies, and your prey

9 Living in Third World countries

10 Age and the decline of quality

11 Absolutely legitimate

12 Tongkat Ali’s likely hormonal pathway

13 Fine tuning sexual functions with amino acids

14 The Philippine colonial mentality

15 How does one become a member in the Cult of Male

16 The motivations behind feminazism

17 The trickery of economic aid

18 Me and my genes

19 Tummy tuck under local anesthesia

20 Disease and sexual morals

21 Good domain names are easy to remember

22 Self-cognition and male/female sexuality

23 Why Indonesia should liberalize its drug laws

24 Sexual culture

25 Better sex with tongkat ali

26 Constitutions and equality

27 Genuine feminism

28 The benefits of jealousy

29 Apomorphine for sexual enhancement

30 Tongkat Ali compared to dopaminergics