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Testosterone is the hormone of great sex and great torture. In ancient times, when testosterone levels in men were higher, men were geniuses when it came to invent methods to deliver great pain and a slow death to other men, and occasionally women. A comfortable death was a luxury available to the lucky ones. So, know the risks, to others more than yourself, when embarking on testosterone enhancement with tongkat ali and butea superba.

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Is butea superba safe?



Phoenix, Arizona: Police warn Ecstasy users to avoid 'pink love' and 'green apple' pills after teenager dies and two people are taken ill

Philip T. Lester 1556 Griffin Street Phoenix, AZ 85008

Clubbers have been warned to avoid a batch of ecstasy tablets called 'pink love' after two young people were left in hospital after taking the drug.

The news comes following a warning earlier this month about the dangers of taking tablets known as 'green apples' following the death of a 19-year-old man.

North Wales Police and the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board have since warned two young people from the Anglesey area had to be taken to hospital when they fell ill after taking the 'pink love' tablets.

Officers had previously warned of the potentially deadly batch of 'green apples' ecstasy tablets after Thomas Jones, 19, of Llangefni, died after apparently taking the drug.

Police said his death could be linked to another incident which left a Bangor man 'extremely ill'.

Acting Chief Inspector Simon Barrasford said: 'Both the pink heart shaped Pink Love and Green Apple tablets are being used by party goers and I want to make it very clear that the consequences of taking these tablets can be fatal.

'If you have been given or have bought these drugs please do not take them, I ask that you hand them into the Police so that they can be destroyed properly and safely.

'I am also asking parents with teenage children to be extra vigilant and to sit down with their sons and daughters and talk through the dangers of taking these drugs.

'You can also call in confidence with any information regarding drug dealing and I assure you this information provided will be dealt with confidentially.'

Dr Linda Dykes, a consultant in emergency medicine at Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor, said: 'Over recent weeks we have seen a number of people brought into hospital as emergency cases after taking recreational drugs, some of whom have suffered very severe reactions requiring admission to intensive care and one patient has sadly died.

'There are significant risks with any drug misuse, especially when it involves drugs bought off the streets or from unregulated sources.

'Users will never actually know what they are taking, its strength or whether or not it is contaminated: every time you take a street drug, you are trusting your health, or indeed your life, to chance.'

Anyone with information about those who use or supply Pink Love or Green Apple tablets, or any other controlled drug, have been asked to contact North Wales Police.


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San Antonio, Texas: Antidepressant-like effect of Butea superba in mice exposed to chronic mild stress and its possible mechanism of action

John G. Fulton 298 Weekley Street San Antonio, TX 78237


Ethnopharmacological relevance

Butea superba (BS) is a Thai medicinal plant that has been used as a folk medicine to improve physical and mental conditions and to prevent impaired sexual performance in middle-aged or elderly males. We have previously reported that this plant extract could improve cognitive deficits and depression-like behavior in olfactory bulbectomized mice, an animal model of dementia and depression. Aim of the study

In this study we examined the effect of BS on depression-like behavior in mice subjected to unpredictable chronic mild stress (UCMS) to clarify the antidepressant-like activity of BS and the molecular mechanism underlying this effect.

Materials and methods

UCMS mice were administered BS daily (300 mg of dried herb weight/kg, p.o.) or a reference drug, imipramine (IMP, 10 mg/kg, i.p.), 1 week after starting the UCMS procedure. We employed the sucrose preference test and the tail suspension test to analyze anhedonia and depression-like behavior of mice, respectively. Serum and brain tissues of mice were used for neurochemical and immunohistochemical studies. The UCMS procedure induced anhedonia and depression-like behavior, and BS treatment, as well as IMP treatment, attenuated these symptoms. UCMS caused an elevation of serum corticosterone level, an index of hyper-activation of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis, in a manner attenuated by BS and IMP treatment. BS treatment also attenuated UCMS-induced decrease in the expression levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) mRNA, cyclic AMP-responsive element binding protein (CREB) and a phosphorylated form of N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor subunit NR1, synaptic plasticity-related signaling proteins. Moreover, the UCMS procedure reduced doublecortin-positive cells in the dentate gyrus region of the hippocampus. BS administration reversed these UCMS-induced neurochemical and histological abnormalities.


These results suggest that BS can ameliorate chronic stress-induced depression-like symptoms and that the effects of BS are mediated by restoring dysfunctions of the HPA axis and synaptic plasticity-related signaling systems and neurogenesis in the hippocampus.


Houston, Texas: Falling in love

Aaron P. Fox 1849 Michael Street Houston, TX 77002

Is it possible do you think to fall in love with somebody who you just met while on ecstasy? I felt a wonderful sense of inner peace when I was around him. And when we made eye contact, we both just knew. Knew what? I don't know, but we both knew. There was a wonderful sense of recognition. I don't really know much about the guy because we had only met 2 days before, but I feel like I truly know him. We just clicked! I don't know how else to describe it! And it was so mutual.

I've never fallen in love before, so I don't know if this is it, but I imagine this is what it would feel like. Over a week has passed now, and I'm still certain of my feelings. I almost feel like he is the missing part of me...the piece that I he completes me. I feel like I've met my soulmate! We were literally just right on the same page.....completing each others thoughts... completely understanding each other. I've never felt such a connection with anyone before. Usually I have such a fear of getting close to men that I immediately back away when I know that they are starting to like me back. Or if they are too nice. I always wanted what I couldn't have. Well, with this guy it is totally different.

When I looked at him, it was almost like a moment of realization, an epiphany if you will. It wasn't like a lustful thing. I didn't want to get on him or anything like that. It was something much deeper - something very special, something very wonderful. And once I felt it, it was so undeniable! I felt it throughout my entire person. And it seemed to me that all the sappy, soggy, stereotypical and exaggerated signs of falling in love that you see in the media shot throughout my entire body. I was literally sighing. I'm not joking! I was sighing!

So now what? Are these legitimate feelings? Or was it just the effects of the drug? What do I do? I haven't seen or talked to him since that night.

Is it possible to fall in love in one night like that? I seriously feel like he is the one I was meant to be with. Eleven days have passed since "the night," and I still feel the same way. Could it be real? What do you think?


Well, I believe such feelings on E are an expression of your true uninhibited self, but may ignore some facts which would inhibit you in other situations, such as him being married or other incompatible factor. So my advice is to check him out, maybe even ask your close friends. And of course see how he feels. The truth is that people open up on E and can easily fall in love when it is not appropriate, and falling in love always carries the risk of getting hurt.

But having said that, some people seem to need their defenses lowered in order to fall in love, and there are many people who have fallen in love on ecstasy with the ideal partner who they may never have met otherwise. It can be a wonderful way to start!


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Arthur Schopenhauer, the greatest German philosopher, on women:

Only a male intellect clouded by the sexual drive could call the stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped and short-legged sex the fair sex More fittingly than the fair sex, women could be called the unaesthetic sex. Neither for music, nor poetry, nor the plastic arts do they possess any real feeling of receptivity: if they affect to do so, it is merely mimicry in service of their effort to please.


Newark, New Jersey: Lawmakers Unconvinced Age Of Consent Should Be Raised

Gary L. Tsai 970 Pennsylvania Avenue Newark, NJ 07102

Lawmakers remain unconvinced about the merits of raising the age of consent from 16 to 18 years old and have told Children's Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison to bring more evidence to support the position she has been advancing.

Harrison yesterday started her submissions before a parliamentary committee that is reviewing Jamaica's sex-offence laws. Though Jamaica's age of consent for sexual intercourse is 16, the age that persons are no longer considered children is 18.

"It may be credibly argued," Harrison told the committee, "that an anomaly is created when children who are 16 years are not considered intellectually or otherwise mature enough to make certain independent decisions such as who should govern their country for a five-year term, yet they are given the legal authority to engage in sexual activity.

But she explained that something else is tied to the proposal.

"It's really a conditional increase, because the focus of the recommendation is to ensure that girls and boys who are 16 years old but still children under our law can, in fact, access protection from the arm of the State. So, we're recommending that Section 10 of the Sexual Offences Act, which deals with the age of consent, include the close-in-age group exceptions," said Harrison.

Under that close-in-age proposal, underage children would not be criminalised for participating in what they deemed 'consensual' sex with another child in their age group. Though listing Turkey and Canada as examples with close-in-age exceptions in the law, the children's advocate said Jamaica would create its own preconditions and processes suited for the country's context.

'What's The Magic In The Age Of 18?' Asks Minister

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, who chairs the committee made up of senators and members of parliament reviewing Jamaica's sex-offence laws, expressed concerns that the problems being faced by the authorities in enforcing the law could be multiplied with an increase in the age of consent.

"The age of consent is 16. There are many grandmothers in their 20s. The lowest age I've heard is 22. If we can't enforce the law with the age of consent at 16, we're going to have a major problem trying to enforce it at the age of 18," he pointed out. "I just don't know how we're going to manage."

"Is there any evidence that increasing the age of consent will assist with the issues that we're having?" Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister Kamina Johnson Smith asked the committee yesterday. "I'm yet to read anything that says to me that there's something in the law that makes children decide they're going to have sex at 16."

"What is the magic in the age of 18?" she further asked, after voicing her support for the close-in-age suggestion that also won support from the Child Development Agency.

Opposition Member Sophia Frazer-Binns said a ramped-up public education campaign may help rather than raising the age of consent.


Injections of Botox into the penis probably are the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Every artery and vein in the body is surrounded by a layer of smooth muscle. Otherwise there could not be variations in blood pressure. When the muscles around blood vessels contract, this is called vadoconstriction. When the muscles around blood vessels relax, this is called vasodilation.


Darby, Montana: Optimal sex and Torture

Cody N. Gauthier 4068 Tibbs Avenue Darby, MT 59829

Optimal sex up to an advanced age, and if necessary, aided by vascular and neurotropic agents like Pfizer’s Blue, yohimbine, dopaminergics, or testosterone enhancers like tongkat ali and butea superba, very much is a concern of modern civilisation. In medieval and ancient times, people were quite content if they were not tortured to death (never mind the optimal sex, thank you). An amazingly high number of people in medieval and ancient times (let's avoid designating them as ancient civilizations) were brutally tortured to death, often for the entertainment of onlookers. This included all mentally ill, and all enemies of rulers or ruling elites. Public torture is an extremely effective political tool. Not for the extraction of confessions, though. But torture one poor victim cruelly to death, and every onlooker will get the message: do not challenge authority!

Sickest Medieval Torture Methods (YouTube 13:02)


With free speech, it's like that:

You can make any offending remarks about white men, and the mainstream media and mainstream opinion will applaud you. You can't say anything negative about feminism. Feminism is sacrosanct. Fuck it.


Concord, California: Elderly couple who locked five kids in a basement torture dungeon for more than 15 years jailed

Robert C. Pearson 374 Marietta Street Concord, CA 94520

Valerie Stannard, 73, held a boy’s hands over a stove flame and stuffed lit paper down a boy’s pyjamas while husband Roy, 74, stripped one of the girls naked for his sexual pleasure.

The children were thrashed with a bamboo cane or belt and lived most of their lives in the basement at the Stannards’ home in Stoke Newington, north London

The youngest victim was just a toddler when he was tied to his highchair and locked in a cupboard with the couple’s dogs because he cried, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

The Stannards were convicted of 18 out of 22 charges in March relating to five youngsters involving sexual abuse and child cruelty between 1969 and 1985.

Valerie was jailed for nine years and Roy for 12.

The elderly couple sat emotionless and stared at the public gallery throughout mitigation and sentencing, before waving to family members as they were led away.

The month long trial heart breaking evidence from the victims as they describing the catalogue of abuse they suffered at the hands of the Stannards.

Jurors heard the victims spent most of their lives in the basement of the house in fear of the couple.

One victim said: “We were not living, it was just an existence.”

Sally-Ann Hales, QC, prosecuting, said: “Their lives routinely involved physical abuse, neglect and cruelty, and in the case of Mr Stannard involves sexual abuse of two of the children.

“They describe a miserable childhood characterised by cruelty of both defendants and Ms Stannard in particular. “Each experienced or witnessed physical abuse, cruelty or neglect on an almost daily basis.

“They lived in fear of speaking out or standing up for themselves or each other.”

One of the girls described her brother having soap put down his throat. She said: “He nearly choked and she had to hit him on the back to save him.

“She saw Valerie light paper in his pyjamas.

“When punishments were given Valerie would make the other children watch.

“Even if you hadn’t done anything wrong they would find a reason to hit you.

“Roy had a coat hanger and put it in his jumper and hung one boy on the door, making him choke.”

One of the boys remembered being caught taking a slice of bread at night.

Police finally launched an investigation into the couple in July 2014.

Roy Stannard said in a statement: “They are all going to stick together and they have got this planned.

“They are trying to get back at us.”

He was convicted of four counts of child cruelty and six of indecent assault.

Valerie Stannard was convicted of eight counts of child cruelty.

The couple had denied all charges.

Judge Alastair Hammerton said: “The victim statements reveal the devastating impacts of your crimes.

“Valerie Stannard your ill treatment was often and severe, leaving marks on the children.

“You punished a boy by putting a newspaper down his pyjamas then lit it.

“You punished another boy by putting soap down his throat.

“He thought he was choking and was going to die.

“The evidence from a number of witnesses was that on at least one occasion you put a boy in an unlit cupboard while he was still in his high chair.

“Roy Stannard your ill treatment was also rather frequent and severe, including hitting a boy with a closed fist ‘like a man’.”


You have to understand the mentality of Hong Kong businessmen. They exploit their workers harshly, trick their suppliers when they lower their guard, cheat their customers on every occasion, and then spend their earnings on prostitutes


America and Europe are evil. Let them self-destruct by fostering sexual hatred. They will kill each other, and the system will kill itself.


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Greenfield, California: German suspected pedophile arrested with 34 girls

Charles A. Swenson 2548 Emily Renzelli Boulevard Greenfield, CA 93927

Detectives from the police Special Investigations Unit (SIU) headquarters have raided and arrested the founder of Ssese Humanitarian Services (SHS), a local organization that takes care of children in Kalangala district for allegedly defiling 34 girls in his custody.

Also arrested alongside the 65-year-old Bernhard Glaser, is the Kalangala Police Community Liaisons Officer (CLO) Abraham Bbale for probable collusion, police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said. Though born in Germany, Glaser on social media describes himself as a Belgian idealist, having migrated there in his tender age.

"We got reports indicating probable collusion and when we moved in in the morning Bbale was found at the facility and he too was arrested," Nabakooba said. Police said a search of the children's home yielded among others a dildo and lubricants. Police suspect Glaser could be a pedophile. The detectives working on tip off, she said, were expanding their investigations into allegations of an intricate web of collusion involving top district officials and as such have launched a hunt for the district probation and welfare officer and a medical officer of a private clinic, who has allegedly been inserting Injecta Plan implants and coils into the girls, many of them minors (below the age of 18). "If our investigations establish no link the CLO and the welfare officer will be let free but I think the medical officer may have a lot to explain because the implants must be inserted with the consent of the person, absence of which in this case will only suggest that one is complicit in the crime," Nabakooba said.

The team of detectives moved swiftly, effecting arrest and cordoning of the facility now declared a scene of crime, having been dispatched from Kampala on Saturday night on the orders of Police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura. The police moved in after earlier medical examination on two of the girls aged 12 and 14 indicated they had been defiled. Now all the other girls, some aged 22 will have to be subjected to medical examinations, police said as it explores the possibility of bringing a number of charges against Glaser. "There could also be child trafficking and a number of other offences but this will be determined by the investigations," she said. By Sunday the suspects were still being held in Kalangala.


The facility is located in Bugala Island, an isolated part of Kalangala district, stretching about 100km from Nakiwogo in Entebbe. When New Vision visited the facility last month, Glaser was seated in the compound. When asked why he takes care of only children, he said they are girls most infected with STI's and with low education. While at school, these girls are differentiated from other pupils in school. His bedroom is ever open. Whoever visits his place has to be taken around the house to see how the girls sleep. During the visit one of the girls was found sleeping in his bed. She told New Vision that she spent a night with him. It turns out that each of the girls spends a night in turns with him.

But Glaser claimed no wrong doing on his part, citing his advanced age which necessitates that he be taken care of by the girls. Given his age, he said, he only hugs the girls as they sleep. He explained how he keeps 34 girls who were sexually abused, saying in most cases he had been approached by their parents after they failed to raise school fees for them. Those who have STI's, he said, are tested and put on treatment until they cure but some choose to remain behind. Some of the girls, he said, were homeless but have now got a home there in addition to going to school. The girls interviewed said Glaser takes good care of them and they look much healthier than when they were still in their homes.

But one girl said they have only one meal a day-porridge in the morning and dinner at about 5:00pm, a claim Glaser did not deny, citing the big number children. He is convinced that the girls cannot misbehave on account that they are on family planning - using implants and coils. A team from Marie Stopes Masaka Branch, he said, constantly monitors the girls and will return after five years to re-fix the coils until such time when the girls decide to marry. "This will protect them from having unwanted pregnancies before they complete their education," he stated. The New Vision confirmed that the girls actually have implants as one of the girls displayed her hand to show the inserted implant.

Experts' comment However, Dr. Tonny Kapsandui, an expert on family planning says it is not advisable to offer family planning services like implants to girls below the consent age. Inserting an implant is a minor surgery, which Kapsandui says needs consent. "Although there is no law in Uganda stopping teenagers below the consent age from using contraceptives, someone at the age of 14 or 13 is not old enough to make such a big decision (having implants inserted)," he said.

He said recent research showed that sex debut for girls is at 16 years and 17 years, adding that teenagers aged 14 and below are still children and medics should seek their parents' consent. He argued that contraceptives should not be used as preventive measures after rape or defilement, adding that; "that is why there are emergency drugs to prevent pregnancy and HIV infection." Edward Zzimbe, the operations director Marie Stopes International said for anyone to have family planning must consent and sign a document. "At 13 years, a person is still young and cannot consent on her own. Marie Stopes is working with the government of Uganda to make sure they provide counseling for family planning for a person must understand how it works," he said.

Who is Bernhard Glaser? A founder of SHS, he is a retired health consultant in trauma as well as a counselor, majoring in youth adolescent sexual and reproductive health, sexual violence, youth crisis center and emergency shelter and sexual education, among others. Born in East Germany, at 10 years, he moved to Belgium as a refugee and lived near Antwerp, studying in Belgium, Germany and America. Glaser says they were born two children from different fathers. "I studied physiotherapy in Germany and graduated in 1968. I immigrated in 1974 to US and did a Master's in Business Administration. I worked as Managing director of a company in Belgium until 1995. After 24 years I returned as a health worker in physiotherapy," he narrates. He adds that in Belgium he only volunteered given that "I already had my money and wanted to help people for free."

Coming to Africa, Uganda In 2005, Glaser moved to Zambia and worked as an Administrator with Hospice, dealing predominantly with HIV/AIDs patients, teaching them how and the importance of safe sex, he says, noting that the bulk of them were Catholics opposed to contraception and even sex education. Given the resistance he met, he was forced to migrate to Uganda a year later on the invitation of Bufumira Island Development Association through social network to come help people in the Island.

He recollects that the first people he encountered upon landing on the island were fishmongers who also resented his advice on safe sex, preferring money instead. "They told me Muzungu just give us money but don't tell us how to sleep with our women." The same sentiments, he said, were expressed by the women who he suspects could have been influenced by their husbands. "But when I was boarding the boat coming back from the Island, a woman asked me to help her. She had rashes on her skin and I called her to my place. I then opted to take care of young girls who are in bad state," Glaser noted.

Confused after having failed to get an NGO partner, Glaser chose to go back to Germany only to return in September 2006 with his wife to start the children's home, also his retirement place. How he gets children Some of the children are brought to the facility by their HIV positive parents who cannot afford paying their fees and request him to find sponsors while the majority are from police, many of them defilement or rape victims whose cases are under investigation. "When the police are still investigating, the children stay with me. I test them for three months to establish their sero status," he said adding that presently he is taking care of 34 girls, all of them studying in Kalangala and Kampala.

Roxane Turner, an American Good Samaritan, he said, has helped him to get sponsors for the girls. "Sometimes, I post the girls' stories on the social media and whoever feels sorry sends help." To this end he provides the girls with money for lunch and uniforms. At the moment 25 out of the 34 girls have sponsors. He said he teaches the girls sex education to guard against unwanted pregnancies before finishing school and this is reinforced with contraceptives. "Each of them is on family planning for five years and they use implant method starting from 13 years and above," he confirmed.

"I partner with Marie Stopes Uganda who come and talk to them. My target age group is between 8-20 years and the little girl among them now is 8 years who was defiled by her auntie's husband," he explained. What Police, government say In an earlier interview before his arrest, Bbale, cited that rampant cases of defilement and rape on the island, coupled with disinterest on parents to follow up the cases which made police decide to give Children to Ssese humanitarian services and another organization in Entebbe to be counseled.

But deputy police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said it was unacceptable for Glaser to sleep with the girls, adding that there should be separate rooms for them. "If he is genuinely offering counseling and helping those girls, he should find a separate room for them. What if his blood boils at night while he is sleeping with them? That is unacceptable!" Labour, Gender and Social development minister, Mary Karooro Okurut expressed dismay on learning that Glaser was sleeping with the girls, adding that; "he should be investigated. Sexual abuse is becoming an emergency in Uganda and it must be stamped out."


Every man easily can become a Muslim. Just have to say the Shahada before some witnesses. And here we go.


Men with micro penises have a clear agenda: castrate all men with big dicks. Let horses fuck women who complain.


Dayton, Ohio: Botox could be ‘game changer’ for erectile dysfunction, Canadian urologists say

Angel D. Pool 2541 College Avenue Dayton, OH 45459

In a surprising, and seemingly counterintuitive application of a wildly popular wrinkle relaxer, two Canadian urologists are testing Botox for impotence.

If it does for men what it has so far done in aged male rats, Botox may offer a persistent, long-acting (months at a time) way to restore erectile function in men, they believe.

Their preliminary data suggests Botox, or botulinum toxin injections, can increase blood flow to the penis by paralyzing the nerves that cause smooth muscles within the penis to contract.

Erections depend mainly on a good blood flow.

“The advantage of this would be that you inject it once, it lasts for six months potentially, and the pump would be primed every time you wanted to have sex,” said Dr. Sidney Radomski, a professor of surgery and urology at the University of Toronto.

Other forms of penile injection therapy have existed for years, but men have to self-inject every time they want to have sex. Meanwhile, Viagra and other pills that belong to a class known as PDE-5 inhibitors — drugs that act on the chemical signals that open up the blood vessels in the penis — have to be taken before sex, or daily. They can also cause side effects such as headache and heartburn. As well, Viagra doesn’t work for a third or more of men who try it, said Dr. Gerald Brock, professor of surgery at Western University in London.

“It’s probably 50 per cent of men who’ve had prostate cancer surgery; maybe 40 per cent of men with diabetes,” he said. “There are subgroups (of men) where the response rate is almost a 50-50 shot.”

Botox, he said, may help “salvage” those non-responders. Writing in the current issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Brock and co-author, French urologist Francois Giuliano, go further, saying Botox could be a “potential game changer” for ED.

Others worry ED drugs are already perpetuating narrow social norms of masculinity and male sexuality — the idea, says University of Iowa medical anthropologist Emily Wentzell, that “in some way, to be a real man, you have to be this penetrative force.”

She worries categories of sexual dysfunction are proliferating and expanding, and that normal, age-related changes are being framed as “pathological.”

Writing in the Journal of Sex Research, Wentzell argues the medicalization of impotence “and the emphasis on casting phallocentric sex as the natural and healthy sexual ideal have been promoted worldwide through ED drug marketing.”

It’s very much a Euro-North American phenomenon, she said, noting Chinese men, for example, have had a “lukewarm” response to Phizers Blue.

“Obviously medical solutions can help men who feel really bad they can’t live up to their own desires, and maybe their partner’s desires, and certainly cultural scripts about how a man should be,” Wentzell said in an interview.

“But we don’t think about variation in bodily function as natural anymore,” she said. “Instead, we’re narrowing our idea of what counts as ‘normal.’ ”

Men often don’t talk to their partners before seeking out ED drugs she said, or keep their use secret. “Yet research shows that when men talk to their partners, their partners are fine with the change, or they would be fine if they explored other sexual activities.”

Radomski has been using Botox to treat overactive bladders by paralyzing the smooth muscles in the bladder. The injections last six to nine months. He wondered whether it might work in a similar way for penises by allowing the smooth muscles to relax, dilate and allow more blood flow to rapidly fill the penis.

In a rat study, “we saw exactly what he had predicted,” Brock said. “Improved erections were actually seen.”

The animal model isn’t the same as humans. For one thing, the researchers used an electrical current to stimulate the nerves to induce an erection.

While much more research is needed in animals, they hope to start clinical trials in men within six to 12 months. For now there’s little real data, except for one small published pilot study from Egypt. There, a dozen men who received a single injection of Botox showed increased arterial flow and improved scores on a “sexual health inventory” two weeks post-injection.

Still, Botox isn’t innocuous. Made from the bacteria that cause botulism, it can spread to other body areas beyond where it’s injected. In too high doses, “If it goes into the bloodstream, it can kill you, basically, because it can paralyze everything,” Radomski said.

The plan is to use an exceptionally small dose. However, there’s also the potential risk of causing a permanent change like priapism — prolonged erections without sexual stimulation.

“I think that would be a very small risk,” Brock said, “but certainly that would be one of the things that we would be looking for and trying to titrate the dose so it would not occur.”


The best investment a rich man can do, is one into destruction. Destruction of the surrounding world, near and far, makes his wealth more valuable.


The Serge Kreutz diet is the world's only diet supported by the international food industry because it tells you this: if you want to be slim, consume more food. Nestle, Pepsi, and Van Houten are happy. And all the farmers.


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